The music of Shan offers a strong poetic journey.
Water, plants, stone, memory, their music is a common meditation on the theme of the mountain and the relationship between men and the forces of nature.

  • Pascal Charrier : folk guitar
  • Julien Pontvianne : tenor sax and, clarinet
  • Ariel Tessier : drums


Shan is the encounter between three aerial and striking voices from the french jazz scene.
A music exploring sound textures, materials and the somewhat previously unheard work on rhythm and beat.


Pascal Charrier is a composer and guitarist, founder of the Naïnô company. His unique music comes from many sources of inspiration. The presence of a drone-sound evokes Mediterranean music or a personnal approaches of an archaic blues. In this trio, he uses a modified folk guitar, which emphasizes the natural timbre and resonances of the instrument. The harmonic reflexes are disturbed, playing comes back from long gone memory or instinct, as in a primitive relationship to sound

Saxophone and clarinet player Julien Pontvianne has founded the large ensemble Aum and the bands Oxyd, Watt and Kepler. He is a member of the Onze heures Onze orchestra. Music according to him is made of silence, resonances, non-tempered chords, continuous materials, molten timbres. He masters the art of opening up spaces and times where we find a shelter.

Ariel Tessier plays the drums. He is another revelation and active musician of the french scene. His very airy cymbal playing, combining extreme fluidity and precision, makes him a great force, transcending any rhythm. Student and then collaborator of Riccardo Del Fra and Dré Pallemaerts, he is also the drummer of PJ5 (quintet of guitarist Paul Jarret) and of House of Echo, recent winner of jazz migration. He has also performed with Dave Liebman, Wynton Marsalis, François Théberge, Hervé Sellin, Glenn Ferris.

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